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Support for International Students

Extra Programs for International Students

KOSEN provide extra programs, such as Japanese, Japanese Circumstances and so on, for international students.

  • Teacher arrangements (48 Colleges)
  • Tutor system (53 Colleges )
  • Regional exchange arrangements (39 Colleges )
    • Exchange with elementary and junior high schools (22 Colleges )
    • Homestay programs with Japanese families (18 Colleges )
    • Cultural experience, exchange with regional civic groups and regional travel visits,etc. (29 Colleges)
    • Tutor system
      One person per international student (44 Colleges)
      (Research on Feb. 2009 by National Institute of Technology, Japan)

KOSEN Health Counseling Room

The students from KOSEN and their families can take health consultations, medical consultations and mental health consultations by telephone free of charge on a 24-hour basis. The client can also choose a counseling room out of more than 200 rooms in the whole country and be consulted face-to-face (open: Mon - Fri.9:00~21:00, Sat. 9:00~16:00) . If you want further information, please contact your KOSEN.