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Contests & Competition Events

KOSEN Robot Contest
(Commonly known as Robo-con)

Students of KOSEN(colleges of technology) across the country compete with ideas and technology on given issues. This is a nationwide educational event that allows students to experience the fascination of designing and building a robot by themselves, and to realize the importance of expressing ideas as well as the joy of creating something.
Robot contest Robot contest

KOSEN Programming Contest
(Commonly known as Pro-con)

Students of KOSEN across the country compete to create ideas and express themselves in information processing technology using the programming experience they have accumulated on a daily basis. As a program supporting the Lifelong Learning Festival organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the contest is held in cooperation with local communities and the information industry.
Programming Contest

KOSEN Design Competition
(Commonly known as Deza-con)

Students of KOSEN across the country compete to produce designs and plans for better living environments making the best use of what they study daily. Defining design as the integration of technologies to construct human living environments, this competition is held to allow students to develop into human resources with creativity and the ability to implement their technical expertise.

Design Competition

The Annual English Presentation Contest for Students in KOSEN

We hold the English Speech and Presentation Contest in order to encourage English learning at KOSEN. Speeches and presentations on science and technology are performed in this contest, and they have gained a high reputation.
Programming Contest

Athletic Meeting of KOSEN

Athletic students of colleges of technology who have survived regional elimination compete in 14 sporting events. This is designed to give the students opportunities to enjoy sports and enhance their sporting spirit, in addition to developing both their mental and physical health and promoting friendship between colleges of technology throughout the country.

Annual English Presentation Contest Annual English Presentation Contest